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High Quality 13 oz Vinyl Banners made in Full Color

Our vinyl banners are made from a high-quality 13 oz vinyl material, so they aren't only strong but lightweight as well. These banners are an effective and affordable form of advertising. Digitally printed in full color using a CMYK color space, you can be as creative as you want with your designs without worrying about color limitations. The options you have at your disposal will ensure your banner has a custom look. You can choose your banner’s size, single or double-sided, and add pole pockets, metal grommets, ball bungees, and more. Vinyl banners are commonly used for advertising, birthday parties, business branding, church events, elections, real estate, racing events, sporting events, and more.

**Please note - banners that exceed 8' in both directions will be folded for shipping. Contact us if you have any questions**

Step 1 - Choose Size and Quantity

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Ordering Process

You can order your vinyl banners online in a few minutes. We have three easy ways to order online: pick a template to customize, upload a file or work with a graphic designer. Visit the "Artwork" tab for a description of these processes, or else get started with your order by following the process below!

How to Order Vinyl Banners

  • Select your banner height and width from the drop down menus
  • Select the quantity (per artwork file)
  • Choose your finishing options
    • Hems and grommets
    • Pole pockets
    • Reinforced hems
    • Reinforced corners
  • Choose one of our design methods
    • Pick a template to customize in the online designer
    • Upload a print-ready file
    • Work with a graphic designer


After we receive final approval, we will charge the credit card provided. You will receive an invoice from accounting a business day after we receive payment.

Production Time

The standard production time for vinyl banners is two business days. Large quantity orders and large banner orders may require more time in production.

** Emergency/same day rushes are available in some cases. Please speak with a customer service representative today for more information. **

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Vinyl banners are digitally printed in full color on a high quality 13 oz vinyl banner material. Our vinyl banners can be any size up to 16 feet by 50 feet without seams. Vinyl banners can be displayed indoors or outdoors for lots of different events.

Visit our sample request page to request a sample packet of materials

Please note:

Exact sizes of banners cannot be guaranteed.  Vinyl is a temperature sensitive material, and some fluctuation can occur due to heat application in printing, finishing, and outside climate. Please note our acceptable size variance is up to 1/2 inch per linear foot (ex. A 5 ft banner could finish with a 2.5 inch variance).  If your banner size needs to be precise, please ask your Customer Service Representative to discuss your specific application.

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Design Methods

If you select "Pick a Template" or "Upload a File," you will be taken into the online designer where you can add a background image, upload clip art images, add text, and upload your own graphics. If you want us to design the artwork, choose "Let Us Design" and a pop-up window will appear where you can upload any logos or images and provide special instructions.

Artwork Guidelines

For complete guidelines, please visit the artwork specifications page.

Files that print best are .eps converted to outline. We can also print high resolution .pdf, .tif, and .jpg formats. Typically 300 dpi or higher is suitable for banners.

We print in four color CMYK or six color CMYK, LC, LM. Please keep this in mind when submitting files for printing as color tone shifting may happen if file is submitted in RGB format. If there is a specific PMS color you need, please specify that to us when submitting your order so we can help you verify that the proper color mix is used (vector artwork only).

Customer supplied files are printed as submitted, so we cannot guarantee color, clarity or final output since we are printing only the supplied files and have not set them up for printing.

All of our printers are calibrated daily to ICC coloring profile standards to ensure accurate color production.

Artwork Proofs

During the checkout process you can choose to have your artwork go straight into production after payment is received* or have an artwork proof emailed to you. The proof will include a low resolution image of your artwork, a summary of your order, pricing information, and your billing and shipping information. If you select an additional proof, you will have to email or call the customer service representative back with approval before your order will go into production.

*We review all artwork before putting it into production. If we notice that the quality of your artwork is too low for production, we will email you even if you didn't select the additional artwork proof.

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Vinyl Banner Finishing Options

Standard vinyl banners include heat welded hems and grommets every 2-4 feet around the banner perimeter. Other finishing options include:

  • Cut to size - no hems or grommets
  • Reinforced corners
  • Reinforced hems
  • 2" pole pocket - fits a 3/4" diameter pole
  • 3" pole pocket - fits a 1 1/4" diameter pole
  • 4" pole pocket - fits a 1 1/2" diameter pole

By selecting pole pockets, there will be no increase in the finished size of your banner. Pole pockets can either be 2", 3", or 4". We don't recommend having any text or images within 3 inches of the edge of the banner when you select pole pockets.

Pole pockets can be on the top, bottom, right and left sides. If you select pole pockets, you cannot have reinforced hems or reinforced corners on the banner. 

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All standard banners are rolled, bagged, and placed into a shipping box which is then shipped. We offer a 1-3 day ground shipment to 90% of the United States. If you have any questions about shipping, please contact Customer Service at (320) 391-5280 prior to ordering.

We offer the following shipping methods:

  • Economy (5-10 Business Days)
  • Standard (3-5 Business Days)
  • Three Day (3 Business Days)
  • Two Day (2 Business Days)
  • Overnight (1 Business Day)

Economy Shipping

If choosing economy shipping please add in additional postal information such as P.O. Box in the "Address Two" field on the checkout page to help ensure delivery.

Using economy shipping can also add an additional 5 - 10 days, depending on where the package is being shipped to.

Please note: all international shipments must have shipping labels as well as customs documentation provided by the customers. We will only accept international shipping labels from the following carriers, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Contact a customer service rep today for more information.

See our complete shipping policy for more information.



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How To's

Standard vinyl banners include hems and grommets for easy installation. We have ball bungees and hanging clips available to order with your banner.

How to Hang a Banner

When you hang your banner, you should use all of the grommets provided. If you only use a portion of the grommets, the banner may have undue stress which can lead to the grommets getting torn out. You can use bungee cords, hanging clips, zip ties or ropes to hang your banner on buildings or between poles.

If you are going to hang your banner over a street, we recommend contacting your local DOT for the street banner hanging requirements. We will work with you to make sure that you banner meets all of the requirements if you let us know in advance. 

Vinyl Banner Care

If you need to clean your banner, use a non-abrasive cloth and avoid using detergents or other cleaners as they may deteriorate the print. When you are done, make sure the banner is dry before storing.

Storing your Vinyl Banner

We recommend keeping the shipping box for storing your banner. You can roll the banner up and put it back into the box we provided. Store the banner in a cool, dry room when it's not in use. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are custom vinyl banners?

One of the most often used sign types worldwide is vinyl banners. The 13 oz vinyl material we use is the ideal option for establishing an amazing first impression at your next event, promotion, or gathering since it offers a special combination of strength, flexibility, and style.

Are vinyl banners waterproof?

Our vinyl banners are made of high-quality, weather-resistant 13 oz vinyl material. This means they are waterproof and should hold up to occasional rain and snow. Our custom vinyl banners are ideal to use as outdoor banners. Browse our outdoor vinyl banner frames for added protection and personalization. 

Are vinyl banners recyclable?

Yes, these banners can be recycled; upcycling is the most popular method. Some companies will use your outdated, unwanted vinyl banners to make totes, duffel bags, and other consumer goods. Vinyl banners are more frequently recycled at your neighborhood recycling center, however, we advise getting in touch with them first before placing them in your recycling bin. 

What dimensions can I have my banner printed in?

Our minimum banner size is 1' x 1' and our largest banner size is 16' x 50'. All made without any seams. 

Do you offer any other types of banners?

We offer a good mixture of different banner types in addition to vinyl banners. But we also offer the banners listed below. 

  • Mesh Banners
    • Our mesh banners are great for displaying outdoors. With the 70/30 vinyl-to-hole ratio your message will be clearly visible
  • Fabric Banners
    • We also have fabric banners that are made from our premium banner soft material, a low-shine alternative that offers a classy matte finish. This fabric banner material has been tested for proper flame propagation and is NFPA-701 certified.
  • Pole Banners
    • Pole banners can be lifted above the reach of other banners and signs and get your message to stand out. These banners are made from 13 oz vinyl material and have a maximum print size of 96” x 36”.

Do you offer double-sided banners?

Yes, we do! Our double-sided banners have a max print size of 6’ x 30’. 

Cleaning lady vinyl banner showing that it is double-sided.

Will pole pockets add to the finished size of my banner?

When selecting pole pockets, there will be no increase in the finished size of your vinyl banner. Pole pockets can either be 2”, 3”, or 4”. We don’t recommend having any text or images within 3 inches of the edge of the banner where you select to have your pole pockets. 

How should I hang my custom vinyl banner?

There are multiple ways to properly hang your vinyl banner. If you finished your banner with hems and grommets, we recommend using ball bungees on ALL grommets provided. This will equally distribute the tension, resulting in a clean and wrinkle-free banner.
Pole pockets are another method for hanging our banners. There will be no increase in the finished size of your banner if you choose pole pockets. Pole pockets can be 2", 3", or 4". When using pole pockets, we don't recommend placing any text or images within 3 inches of the banner's edge.
Pole Pocket Finishing Options

  • 2" Pole Pockets - fits a pole 3/4" in diameter
  • 3" Pole Pockets - fits a pole 1 1/4" in diameter 

How should my banner be stored?

When your custom vinyl banner is not being used, make sure that you roll the banner up. Keep the printed side out when you roll the banner to protect the inks.
To prevent the banner from bending, you should keep the box it was shipped in and store it there. You should also keep your banner out of extreme heat. Avoid windows or other direct sunlight. 

Are your vinyl banners printed in full color?

Our vinyl banners are printed in full color using a CMYK color space.

Can my vinyl banner be cleaned?

Your vinyl banner may require occasional cleaning. If you are going to wash your vinyl banner, make sure to use lukewarm water. You can add dish soap to the water.
Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials like power washers and brushes. You should only use soft towels to avoid scratching the banner and ruining the prints. 

3 common vinyl banner sizes

  1. 3x10 vinyl banner
  2. 3x6 vinyl banner
  3. 4x10 vinyl banner 

Top 5 uses for Custom Vinyl banners

  1. Events
    • There is a reason why the word ‘banner’ has such a grand connotation. Often above the entrance to many large events, is a banner with big bold letters, letting everyone know where they are and what to expect.
  2. Trade Shows
    • It can be particularly hard to stand out against the crowd when you’re trying to sell something in a place where everyone is attempting to do the same. These banners will give you the power to make your message heard.
  3. Storefront Windows
    • The front of the store is often a business’s first impression upon their potential customers. The importance of making this first impression last cannot be understated. Printed in full color, our banners are an ideal choice to assist this impression in the minds of your customers.
  4. Press Conferences
    • What is the point of having a press conference? Press conferences are for conveying information to a large audience. Convey the main points you would like your audience to remember with one of these banners.
  5. Birthdays or other Parties
    • If you want to really impress someone on their birthday, create a massive sign with their name on it in bold letters to hang above all their friends and family. Printing someone out their own banner is a staple for hosting an extravagant birthday party.