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Feather Flags - Custom Feather Flag Banners

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Choose from four different sizes and customize your flag today!

The flag formerly known as a sail sign, custom feather flags are a great middle-of-the-road choice for advertising. They’re less intrusive than rectangle flags, and are larger than teardrop flags, while still offering great visibility. Don’t lose potential business, tower over the competition with a taller flag!

You can use these full color flags for sales, grand openings, real estate open houses and other events. 

Click on the different flag size options to view pricing and begin your order:

Frequently Asked Questions


What have feather flags been called in the past?

These products were formerly known as razor sail signs, and also known as razor flags. The feather flag etymology can be a bit confusing, but rest assured, they’re the same product. 

How are these products printed?

We use a method of printing called direct dye-sublimation. This process cures the ink directly into the flag fabric. 

Can I purchase a flag without the hardware?

Yes you can. Select the “flag only” option in the product options. You can also order base hardware without purchasing a brand new flag.

What is the projected lifespan of these flags?

These flags have a projected lifespan of 3-6 months when continuously in use.